Vallée Etienne

Europe Radiopharmacy Product Manager, GE Healthcare

Etienne Vallée is a marketing and business manager for Radiopharmacy equipment at GE Healthcare and addresses Europe and Russia markets.
He has an engineering degree of biomedical from Université of Compiègne, an MBA from IAE Paris and 30 years of experience in product development and execution of Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmacy projects in Europe.
Etienne currently works on the implementation of innovative PET tracers production sites to address a wide range of needs, from providing access to PET imaging in remote areas to building state-of-the-art high end research centers.
He is currently involved in Radiopharmacy projects in Greece for improvement of PET tracers availability and meet patient scans demand in the region.
Etienne is working on new tracers availability and theranostic solutions with key academic sites in Europe to make innovative PET tracers available extensively.