9th Pharma & Health Conference

Developments in the Healthcare Sector following Greece’s Exit from the Memorandum

Τhis year’s 9th Pharma & Health Conference aims to highlight the prospects in the healthcare sector following the exit from the Memorandum.

The conference is organized by Ethos Events in collaboration with the portal on health and pharmaceutical policies virus.com.gr, Pharma & Health Business Magazine and banks.com.gr and will take place on Thursday 4 October in Athens.

The conference begins in



Before the main conference, a breakfast meeting titled “Healthcare Policies after the Memorandum” will be organized with the participation of political parties’ and scientific and social institutions’ representatives as well as healthcare companies’ executives. The main issue to be addressed will be the correction of existing distortions in the healthcare system, so as to improve its viability and offer better services to patients.


Breakfast meeting participation is free for the sponsors’ representatives. (Distinguished Corporate Participation, Bronze, Silver, Gold).


Xafa Miranda, Dr.

Senior Scholar CIGI

Vallée Etienne

Europe Radiopharmacy Product Manager, GE Healthcare

Georgakopoulos Panagiotis, Dr.

Pulmonologist, Vice President, National Organization Providing Health Services (EOPYY)

Sotirios Bersimis, Dr.

President, Hellenic Organization for Health Care Services Provision (EOPYY), Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and Insurance Science, University of Piraeus

Papadopoulos Athanasios (Sakis)

Member of Parliament for the Coalition of SYRIZA, Trikala Periphery, Medical Doctor – Pathologist, Head of Health of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA

Giannopoulos George

General Secretary, Ministry of Health

Stephanopoulos George

Special Advisor of the Greek Minister of Health

Antoniadis Antonios

MD, MsC, PhD, Internist

Balasopoulou Anastasia

Hospital Manager, Athens General Hospital "Hippocratio"

Bardis Vassilis

Chief Operating Officer, Athens Medical Group

Kaggelides Konstantinos

chairman of the board, Association on of IT companies of North Greece (SEVPE) & Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Gnomon Informatics S.A.

Kalamitsis George

Chair of Board, Hellenic Liver Patients Association "Prometheus"

Karokis Antonis

External Affairs Director, MSD Greece

Kontostolis George

Chief Operating Officer, Affidea Group, Greece

Kounalakis Dimitris

MD, MSc, PhD, GP

Kouvelas Dimitrios

MD, BPharm, PhD, Professor, Clinical Pharmacology & Head of the Clinical Pharmacology Department, School of Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Lionis Christos

MD PhD FRCGP(Hon) FES FWONCA, Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care, Director of the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Crete, Greece

Mariolis Anargiros, Dr.

Manager, Areopoli Health Center

Ollandezos Markos

Scientific Director PEF

Ouzounis Konstantinos

General Manager, Ethos Media S.A.

Panoutsopoulos Konstantinos

Healthcare Consulting Manager, Roche Diagnostics Hellas

Rigatos Theofanis

Director, Department of Strategic Planning, Hellenic Organization for Health Care Services Provision (EOPYY)

Tarantilis Filippos

CEO, Greek DRG Institute (KETEKNY)

Vlontzos Yiannis

President & Managing Director, Greece & Cyprus Merck Hellas SA & Vice – President, Responsible for HTA and Negotiation, Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies, Member of Board of Directors, PhRMA Innovation Forum



Divani Caravel