Roundtable 1: Political thinking meets entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector

Representatives from various political parties, entrepreneurs and scientists will discuss the solutions that the healthcare sector needs

Roundtable 2: CEO panel: entrepreneuring in Greece during the memorandum era

Companies’ CEOs will analyze the challenges they face and make proposals on the country’s economic recovery.

Roundtable 3: Primary Health Care: where do the government’s plans lead to?

State officials, patients associations representatives and scientists will exchange views on the pros and cons of the government’s planning.

Roundtable 4: Pharmaceuticals: what are the consequences from the regulations on new, innovative medicines? Greece is in immediate need of cost control measures!

The State, patients, doctors and pharmaceutical businesses will express their opinions on the measures that should be applied in the pharmaceutical sector.

Roundtable 5: Generic medicines: incentives and counter-incentives for the increase of their penetration in the Greek market