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8th Pharma & Health Conference / The Greek National Healthcare System in transition: where to next?

Important changes and new controversial legal provisions are expected to bring crucial developments in the healthcare sector. The areas where the most changes will be realized are the re-organization of primary health care services as well as the pharmaceutical sector, where costs continue to spiral out of control.

The government has presented a new law on the restructuring of primary health care. According to its provisions, various Local Health Units will be created, while the systems of family doctors and referrals from general practitioners to specialist medical professionals will be re-assessed.

The main goal is to establish 250 Local Health Units by the end of this year, which will cover 35% of the population. It is an ambitious plan, which will radically change the philosophy on which the Greek National Healthcare System is based. However, this endeavor has already met a severe backlash from the medical community.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the new framework on compensation of new medicines will be implemented shortly. New pharmaceuticals will be compensated in Greece on condition that they are compensatable in 2/3 of the countries where they are already in circulation (with a minimum of 9 countries) and if in half of those countries a Health Technology Assessment system is being applied.

At the same time, the government will have to legislate and implement incentives and counter-incentives for the increase of generic medicines’ market penetration, which, despite the officials’ promises, remains low in Greece in comparison with other countries of the European Union.

All these recent developments in the health sector were thoroughly discussed during the 8th Pharma & Health Conference titled: “The Greek National Healthcare System in transition: where to next?”. This year’ s forum is organized by Ethos Εvents, the portal on health and pharmaceutical policies as well as the magazine Pharma & Health Business, and took place on Thursday 6 July at the  Athenaeum InterContinental hotel.

Politicians, scientists, healthcare institutions and patients’ associations’ representatives, pharmacists, nurses, companies’ executives and journalists took part in this conference with the aim to analyze the priorities, challenges and obstacles related to the reforms that the Greek Health System desperately needs.

Discussion topics /

  1. Political thinking meets entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector
  2. CEO panel: entrepreneuring in Greece during the memorandum era
  3. Primary Health Care: where do the government’s plans lead to?
  4. Pharmaceuticals: what are the consequences from the regulations on new, innovative medicines? Greece is in immediate need of cost control measures!
  5. Generic medicines: incentives and counter-incentives for the increase of their penetration in the Greek market

Speakers / Γνωρίστε τους ομιλητές της εκδήλωσης

Christofilopoulou Evy

Member of Parliament for Attica, Responsible for Labour, Social Insurance & Health, Democratic Coalition’s Parliamentary Group

Georgiadis Adonis

Vice President, Nea Demokratia, MP, 2nd District of Athens

Patoulis George

President, ISA

Zafiris Efstratios

General Secretary of Industry, Ministry of Economy & Development

Anagnostakis Dimitris

President & Managing Director, Boehringer Ingelheim Ellas

Apostolopoulos Vassili

MBA PhD, CEO, Athens Medical Group

Chouliara Elena

Country President and Managing Director, AstraZeneca Greece & Cyprus

Clérin François

Managing Director, Hospital & Healthcare Solutions @ GE Healthcare Europe

Fragkoulis Evangelos

MD, MSc, General Practitioner, Secretary General Greek Union of General Practitioners, As.Chief Doctor EDOEAP

Galanopoulos Andreas

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pharmaceutical Suppliers' Association of Attica (PRO.S.Y.F.A.P.E) & Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Federation of Cooperatives of Pharmacists in Greece (O.S.F.E)

Georgakopoulos Panagiotis Dr.

Vice President, EOPYY

Himonas Mihalis

Director General, Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE)

Jakoncic Agata

CEO, MSD Greece, Cyprus & Malta

Kletsas George

Manager, Technology, Greece & Balkans, QuintilesIMS

Kosmopoulou Fay

General Manager, Greek Pharmaceutical Industries (PEF)

Kostaras Nikos

General Manager Greece, QuintilesIMS

Koukias Sotiris

Commercial Director (IMCD), Entersoft

Lopatatzidis Athanasios

Group Director, Outpatient Solutions Development, AFFIDEA

Lourantos Konstantinos

President, Pharmaceutical Association of Attica

Makrygiannis Ioannis

Member, Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association & President, Pharmaceutical Association of Larissa

Maniadakis Nikos, Prof.

BSc, MSc, PhD, FESC, Associate Dean & Department Director, Health Services Organization & Management, National School of Public Health in Greece

Mariolis Anargiros

MD, PhD, General Manager, Areopoli Health Care

Papaspyropoulos Sotiris

MD, MPH, Chairman & CEO, Accurate Health Auditing & Consulting SA

Papataxiarchis Makis

Managing Director,  Janssen Greece, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, President, PhRMA Innovation Forum & Chairman, AMCHAM Pharma Committee

Prezerakos Panagiotis

Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Peloponnese

Pyrpasopoulos Marios Georgios

General Practitioner, President, Chalkidiki Medical Association

Richter Dimitri

MD, FESC, FAHA, Head of Cardiac Dept., Euroclinic Hospital, Athens, President, Hellenic Lipidology Society

Toulis Evangelos

Specialist for Internal Medicine, Director, Medical Department, EUROMEDICA General Clinic of Thessaloniki & Chairman, Hellenic Professional Union of Internists

Tryfon Theodore

President, Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industries (PEF) & CO/CEO, Elpen Group

Who should attend /

This Conference is mainly addressed to:

  • Representatives of Ministries and Public Authorities
  • Managers of public and private hospitals
  • Chief executives of public and private insurance organizations
  • Executives from the Greek Pharmaceuticals Organization and regional healthcare services
  • Clinical research companies executives
  • NHS directors
  • Pharmaceutical companies chief executives
  • Medical equipment companies executives
  • Researchers
  • Research Institutes executives
  • Pharmaceutical deposits executives
  • Medical and pharmaceutical authorities managers

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